Things I loved today…

Not every day is a great day but I’m realizing it’s important to notice even the smallest, more insignificant moments and find greatness in them. So in an effort to do so, let’s talk about today… It was a fairly typical day but there were some things I really loved about it 🙂

1. Geo and I commuted into the city together. Usually I work from home but today I spent the day in the city for a client meeting and to review some things with my business partner. Did I enjoy the sweaty, stinky, stuffy ride in on the T? No. Did I enjoy every second of sitting next to my fiancee during a time of the day that we normally aren’t together? Yes. Who wouldn’t want to T it in with that face? 😀

2. The smell of coffee in the morning – is there anything better?
3. Reading quotes by Gretchen Rubin in a Good Housekeeping magazine. I read her book, “The Happiness Project” last year and took so much away from it. Gretchen suggests that everyone create their own list of commandments, that they then live by, here are hers” 
Her book really struck a cord with me but if you’re looking for just a snapshot of what she has to say about happiness, check out her blog! 🙂
4. Lastly, I really loved ending my day with Geo. Our schedules are so busy lately, it’s truly rare that we spend a night alone, on the couch, cuddling and watching our favorite shows together. Tonight was one of the nights we did that and I loved it.
Now that I’m sitting here writing this post, I realize I could go on and on about the things I loved today, which just goes to show me that maybe it wasn’t just a typical day, maybe if I sit down and think about my days more often, I’ll realize how special each one is. Not a bad idea, not bad at all!

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