Call Me a Bad Mom but…

I’m psyched Lucy is tuning into the television. Even though its typically 5 minutes or less, it’s still a few minutes I have to get shit done! What can I get done under 5 minutes, let me tell you.

  • Fold laundry
  • Throw dirty laundry in the wash
  • Make the bed
  • Tidy the kitchen
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Figure out dinner (or where takeout will be from :D)
  • Respond to emails
  • Stuff my face with any crap I can rummage up in the kitchen
  • Take a 5 minute cat nap. I kid, I kid. But sometimes I lie next to her and MAYBE rest my eyes for a minute or two, that’s when I dream about bedtime)

*Note: These things can be done individually, not collectively. But oh how nice it would be if that were the case!

So yea, I’m excited my 6 month old is watching tv (#badmomalert) but as a person that was brought up in a “no tv during the week” household I also look forward to telling miss lucy, “no tv, go read.” Until she can do that I don’t think a little Horrid Henry is going to screw her up too much. My Little Pony is another story…

Oh and when we’re watching tv together I try to make it a documentary (us watching one on the ocean, below). This is more for my sake than hers but it has to count for something, right? Earning my good mom stripes left and right!


And because she just looks so darn cute, here’s one of my missy showing off her new hat! Thanks H&M 😀



5 thoughts on “Call Me a Bad Mom but…

  1. My son is about to be 7 months and he just started watching tv as well and I agree that it is definitely a game changer! However, if you’re a bad mom for letting yours watch documentaries, I wonder what I am for letting mine watch Shrek and Monsters Inc haha. He just doesn’t stay invested unless it monsters. 😂

  2. My niece is a year old and I tried to get her to watch TV, but she doesn’t really care much for it yet, unless it’s the SAME youtube video with baby songs, that really get old after a while! LOL

    1. Haha omg, yes! Lucy loves any video that shows little kids singing, I could put it on replay for hours but I would literally go insane. Today we were indulging in some Real Housewives, unfortunately that doesn’t grasp her attention for very long lol

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