Feeling Smugg ;)

This past weekend Geo and I celebrated our one year anniversary by taking a quick trip to Jeffersonville, VT and stayed at Smuggler’s Notch Resort and except for it being far too brief, it was pretty perfect!

My very own Mountain Man :)
My very own Mountain Man 🙂

Smugglers’ Notch is one of our favorite places to stay because not only is it beautiful, scenery wise, but it’s easy for us to get to from Scituate, MA and way less pricey than some of the other resorts you find up in Vermont. Sure, in the wintertime it may take an extra hour or so to get to the resort but it does so because they have to close the notch, a road that is very cool to drive on in the summer, fall and spring but pretty precarious in the winter… Heck, let’s be honest, it’s a little nerve-wracking to drive on it anytime of the year but also really neat (the kiddos will love it!).  Go here to take a look-see (pretty amazing, right?).

We were only there for a few days, two of which we both got sidelined with some work BUT it was still really nice to get away and not think about the outdoor furniture that has to be put away, the painting that needs to get done (specifically trim work which always stinks) and/or the million other tasks/errands that typically takes over our weekend.

2It was good for us. For us as a couple. We are often too hard one one another, less focused on our partnership than we should be and way too liberal with letting “US” time be TV time, where all we’re doing is sitting next to one another… doesn’t really count as quality time together, right?

We hiked, we ate, we talked, we slept, we dreamed, we snuggled – we were completely together, which felt really good. ‘Til next time Smuggs!

PS. The next time there will be THREE of us. #ForRealz

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