Olivia – Feel Better Video

You all know I’m obsessed with this kid, right?

Wow. What a weekend. Ikea trip, grocery store, apartment stuff, sliced finger, ER visit, visit with my family, visit with his family, business meeting, quality time on the couch, coffee, cookies, pizza, cribbage, oh and did I mention the ER visit?

It was a busy, hectic and tiresome weekend. I’m glad my hunkabunka hottay is doing better, he jabbed his finger with a steak knife and yikes, it looked like a scene right out of Dexter! A couple hours in the ER and 5 stitches later we were in the car en route to my family’s house.

PS. It’s freaking hot out. I’m pretty miserable. And I really don’t feel like doing anything work related. Oh woe is me…


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