Working on it.

Enjoying the days spent doing laundry, grocery shopping, house fixing, cooking and Social Drive stuff.
  – working on it.
Loving your body the way it is, even though your belly isn’t flat, nails are in constant need of polish and your arms have no definitely/tone to them.
  – working on it
Making sly comments to George about vacationing – he gets the point, and as soon as you choose a date/place and airfare you’ll go somewhere.
  – working on it
Not taking on the stresses/problems of your family members, not trying to fix everything.
  – working on it
Stop assuming that you’re always wrong, or that when shit hits the fan it’s your fault – take yourself more seriously, professionally and just give yourself more credit!!
  – working on it
Get up earlier and go for a run/to the gym
  – working on it
Make more time for friends and make your own plans, don’t rely on the bf so much
  – working on it

This is my “work on it” list 🙂  For my health and self esteem these are things I reallllly need to work on!

Things I’m happy with:
– Stubbornness levels have decreased since high school (bigggg relief to my family)
– Being okay wearing a one piece! I use to squeeze myself into a 2 piece to fit in but a couple years ago I realized how foolish that was! haha Not only do I look better in a one piece by I feel better – so much more comfortable and there are some really cute ones out there nowadays! 🙂
– How I handle most tense topics with George, I can’t remember the last time we had a shouting match. We are pretty good at verbalizing our problems; at the end of the day we both just really want one another to be happy which makes for a great relationship 🙂 Mostly when I’m upset or something annoys me rather than attack, I slowly approach it and/or make a joke about – both are effective.
– Making more time to read a good boook
– When I’m unhappy with my life I change it, sometimes it takes me awhile to do so but looking back at the last year I see what I’ve done and I’m really proud. I take chances, try new things and if it doesn’t work out, at least I tried… global rescue `~ restaurant/social media consulting ~ fail but then found HFM ~ bought a car ~ took my sister and I to Italy for a week ~ got a laptop and am now attempting to start my own company (w/a partner).
– The fact that I just wrote out all these things that I like about myself. Typically I’d see this as bragging or boasting but it’s not, and it’s good that I’m realizing this… it’s okay to give yourself a pat on the shoulder once in awhile 🙂


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