You stood me up.

Me – “Ok, let’s meet in the bathroom at 10pm and have a tooth-brushing date, deal?”
Geo – “Great!” Big smile, smooch on the cheek and off he goes.

Finally set the laptop aside, turn off the crappy show I had on and call out, “ready, hon?!”.

No answer.

“George…” I head down the hall, assuming he’s got his headphones on, talking to his co-pilot, fellow comrades and or commander (yes, I’m dating a man who chooses to spend some of his spare time playing video games).

Nope, he’s not in the office/mancave (FYI – never call ur hubbys mancave a “play room”, apparently it’s not that amusing. hehe)

Head to the bedroom. Sprawled out on the bed, laptop/cellphone/fuelband surrounding you, fan & tv on.

You fell asleep. You stood me up on our wicked hot bathroom date. LEFT ME HIGH AND DRY.

And I couldn’t be more in love with you. You stay up too late most nights and there you were, all wiped out, with all your toys covering the bed and I, in that moment felt so very lucky to have you in my life.

Your stinky breath and all 🙂


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