The Big V

Today is Valentine’s Day and besides the incessant amount of flowers I’ve noticed everywhere, it doesn’t really feel like it. Perhaps it has something to do with telling my boyfriend not to do anything special, “save your money”, or perhaps it has to do with my boyfriend being horribly sick yesterday, or perhaps it has something to do with us being in different states today or lastly, perhaps it has something to do with the awful fight we got into over the weekend and the inability to see beyond those moments of anger and onto the day of love that was just ahead of us… 
Or maybe, it just doesn’t feel like Valentine’s Day because to me, it’s not a big deal and never really has been? 
It could be a combination of all these things but I do know one thing for certain, from here on out I will not be telling my boyfriend, “don’t worry hon, let’s not celebrate” because my goodness, saying no to your boyfriend when he’s offering to do something nice… well, that’s just stupid. 
Babe, here we are TWO years and 1 day later and we are still kickin’ it 🙂 Every awful fight (including this past one), every silly moment, every decision we make together, every shared experience, every conversation and every kiss, brings us one step closer to the strongest most united relationship I’ve ever been in. Something tells me we’re going places…perhaps all the way to the moon and back 😉

Penny for your thoughts?

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