A Quick Thank You To…

my husband.

Geo, as we approach the one-year mark of parenthood I just want to say a few things. So here goes…

Thanks for making Lucy’s birth fun… well, as fun as giving birth can actually be. Besides the pain and exhaustion of it all I also remember there being lots of laughs which I definitely attribute to you (and our midwife!) 🙂

Thanks for all the unnecessary but delicious treats you bring home to me. Thanks so much for this… but can you stop because I really need to lose a few 😀 Really.

Thanks for changing Lucy’s first dirty diaper. It showed me you were ready to dive right in, and you really did.

Thanks for putting up with my postpartum emotions… those were rough :I

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to live abroad – such an amazing adventure for our family!

Thanks for making really good coffee. I may not ever drink my full cup but I love having it to reheat throughout the day 😉

Thanks for putting the toilet seat down… Okay maybe you got into the bad habit of not doing this recently but something tells me you’re going to start doing it again like, yesterday. Right? Yes. You are 😀

Thanks for being such a good gift-giver. Fo realz. I’m sorry for not being such a good one… eeks.

Thanks for being cool with my parents moving into a house three streets away from us. Because I understand that’s close, really close. But they’re awesome and I know it’ll be fun for us to live so close but at the end of the day I do realize it’s close… really close! Haha

Thanks for dealing with my complaining lately. Last week was a doozy and I felt super anxious about things not being unpacked and us not being settled in yet. You took it like a champ and didn’t get too annoyed with me (right? Lol).

Thanks for being such a good dad to Lucy. She’s already learning so much for you, and I can’t wait to see what your relationship with her will turn into as she gets older.

Thanks for always seeing the best in us and staying optimistic when I’m so quick to quit or be negative.

Go us 🙂

Grateful for: Geo’s sense of style… this little outfit made both Lucy and I laugh!

“She needed layers to stay warm” – Geo



Is there any sweeter sight…

than the one of your husband cleaning the house? I think not! Thanks bf 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 9.33.56 PM

A few more of my favorite snapshots from this holiday weekend…

And to top it off, I just made delicious Chocolate Brownie Cookies Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) never disappoints!


PS. This baby is going to have a better wardrobe than his/her parents!

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 9.33.41 PM

Why Hello, have we met before?

Round 2.

Blogging gives me such sweet satisfaction, it’s amazing to me how long I’ve been able to go without it. I suppose, like most things, it’s all about timing. Timing has brought me back to blogging – everything else in my life is moving forward, so why should my blogging stay paused?
So, I’m back to the blogosphere with a new title, and newly found motivation to keep this part of me alive simply because it makes me happy :)
Other things that make me happy right now:
Mumford & Sons on Pandora (quite literally, “right now”).
The pre-battered chicken I bought for dinner tonight.
An old friendship, once badly bruised, now slowly regaining strength.
My Mom’s happiness and ability to ask for help when life gets to be too much.
A new outlook on my boyfriends obsession with Ulitmate Frisbee (yes, it’s a real sport, one that he plays multiple times a week!).
Birchbox is coming this week – I’m sometimes a bit materialistic. Getting goodies of an unknown nature is so much fun!
My sister, Mattie’s text, “Getting my nose pierced in 15 mins…didn’t tell Mom, Lord help me”. Well, can’t say I’m upset to be missing out on the dinner conversation tonight…
It’s June 4th and summer weather is surely just around the corner :)
What is making you happy today?

The Big V

Today is Valentine’s Day and besides the incessant amount of flowers I’ve noticed everywhere, it doesn’t really feel like it. Perhaps it has something to do with telling my boyfriend not to do anything special, “save your money”, or perhaps it has to do with my boyfriend being horribly sick yesterday, or perhaps it has something to do with us being in different states today or lastly, perhaps it has something to do with the awful fight we got into over the weekend and the inability to see beyond those moments of anger and onto the day of love that was just ahead of us… 
Or maybe, it just doesn’t feel like Valentine’s Day because to me, it’s not a big deal and never really has been? 
It could be a combination of all these things but I do know one thing for certain, from here on out I will not be telling my boyfriend, “don’t worry hon, let’s not celebrate” because my goodness, saying no to your boyfriend when he’s offering to do something nice… well, that’s just stupid. 
Babe, here we are TWO years and 1 day later and we are still kickin’ it 🙂 Every awful fight (including this past one), every silly moment, every decision we make together, every shared experience, every conversation and every kiss, brings us one step closer to the strongest most united relationship I’ve ever been in. Something tells me we’re going places…perhaps all the way to the moon and back 😉