Funky Friday.

I have been in a funk people! I don’t know what it is. The last couple days I have just been a bit down in the dumps and I really have no reason to feel this way; worst of it is, I can actually feel myself looking to pick fights! haha How horrible is that?  Anyways, it is Friday afternoon and that I am grateful for. Hopefully I will be able to hike this mood out of me during a trip to Mt. Monadnock tommorrow. I have a nice night planned with friends and the bf – dinner and comedy act!

Something that did brighten up my day was being tagged by Sarah over at ! She sent this little gift my way,

Five questions, Five answers, and five people to pass it on to!
1. Where were you five years ago?
          1. Five years ago…wow I was a freshman in college.
          2. Ending things with my first boyfriend (the first guy who I count as a bf anyways…!).
          3. Hmm I believe it was right around this time my grandfather passed away. Sad but a sense of relief, he had been suffering for a long time. Also, he “mentall and emotionally” died long before he physically passed.
         4. I was getting ready for a summer full of ice cream scooping and bar hopping in central WOSTAAA. Classy. “Do you love it?” that phrase pretty much sums up the summer.
         5. Is it bad I can’t think of a 5th thing?
2. Where would you like to be 5 years from now?
        1. I would like to be completely and totally happy. Fulfilled. I am almost there, I feel like I am just on the brink! There are so many aspects of my life that make me happy but unfortunately the one that I spend the most time with is my job, which does not make me happy! haha This too shall pass…
        2. I hope that 5 years from now I will have found new people to spend time with, I have some great freinds now but I also hope to find new ones. People who find drama petty and are open minded.
        3. I would like to be married 🙂  You all saw that one coming right?? hahaha
        4. I would also like to have traveled to Alaska and Europe again by that point. I know the latter of the two will happen and I’m crossing my fingers for Alaska!!!
        5. Hot air balloon ride.
        6. 5 years… hmm I’ll be nearly 29 years old at that point. Well I have always thought I’d have a child by the time I’m 30….woah. hahah!! So I suppose I’d like to be preggo at that point (earmuffs sweets if you are reading this!!).
3. What is on your to-do list today?
       1. Call the auto shop about paying my bill, which at this point is almost 2 months overdue!! Ahh I swear its not that I don’t want to pay them, and its not that I think they don’t deserve it buttt I just KEEP forgetting. ops :-/
       2. Figure out our mini trip to Maine. The travel agent I am working with is the biggest pain in the ass (pardon my french), how difficult is it to book a room for two night?! Granted, I would do it myself but its a free trip I received sooo I have to go thru these peeps.
       3. Talk to lawyer about my new studio. Thats right, I have a lawyer – am I cool or what? Ha ha ha. Not at cool as it sounds…as leah was sure to point out to me 🙂
       4. Figure out the next best time to go to Zumba. Went to it last night and at one point I was literally in the middle of the room, surrounded by a good 10 to 15 women and as they sashayed, shook their bootayyy and tapped around me I just stood their. It was so bad! Poor Leah must have been kicking herself in the bum for inviting me to go :-p I just have no coordination. When everyone goes right, thats when I decide to go left. However, practice makes perfect and it was a great workout!
       5. Figure out plans for tonight. Its nearly 5, and I still haven’t done that. Ops.
4. What five snacks do you enjoy?
       1. Chocolate.
       2. Ice cream.
       3. Cookies.
       4. Chocolate.
       5. Ice cream. 
       That was easy!
5. What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?
       1. Buy new toothbrushes far more often than I do. That sounds kind of gross, but its only because I love the feel of a new toothbrush!
       2. Hire a fulltime landscaper/cook for my mom. However this may backfire, I don’t know how long I could go without my mama’s cookin!
       3. Take the whole family to Jamaica.
       4. Buy more properties.
       5. Donate to the vatican.
                 HA gotcha!  No but I would donate a lot of it to different charities, particularly African oriented ones.
Ok folks that does it for now!!
Ohhhh I know some of you are looking for a good pic of the bf and unfortunately I still don’t have one of his face! hahah But I do have these, kind of better than the last one, right?! hahah He’s got to work on his zoolander posing… 😉

4 thoughts on “Funky Friday.

  1. Wow…I feel bad now…I should have been more giving when I was thinking of things to list under ” Five Things I would do if I Were a Billionaire”:( Loved your list, though:) I, too, am a toothbrush freak.

  2. Good looking bf! Being retired and 62, 5 years ago I was doing pretty much the same thing I'm doing now. One difference is now I have 3 d-i-ls and then I had 1. Oh, and now we're about to have our 3rd grandson; then we had 0.

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