“The Secret inside the IPAD. Someone broke into the iPad first… who wouldve think it?!.”

Haha I love it. I am not very tech savvy but I really am not quite sure I understand the whole Ipad rage…its just a larger sized Iphone and or a smaller sized laptop – right? Someone enlighten me because I feel as though I am off in another world on this topic.

Back tommorow with more!
New boss lady is totally interrupting my little blogging hobby – how rude.

3 thoughts on “Enlightenment.

  1. I have to admit…I REALLY want one of these! I did a little research when they first announced them, and you're right–they are pretty much like an oversized Ipod(and I LOVE my Ipod) and a mini computer.

  2. You know what? I don't get it either. They're sort of a cross between a laptop and an iPOD, I guess, but I can't see the advantage. Maybe it's a matter of creating the market, and then finding something to fill it. I dunno…

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