Things that were brought to my attention this week:

There are no words for this site, you just have to see it to believe it…

This is what left me in awe today,

      This is where my daydreaming has taken me,
And this is what got a chuckle out of me today,

2 thoughts on “

  1. I LOVE thisiswhyyou'refat. When i first saw it i sent the link to everyone i knew so they could see the craziness out there. So gross and unfortunately, sometimes sooo delicious looking. mmmmm chocolate EVERYTHING! The passive agressive one is a new site to me so I will definitely check that out. Looks hilarious! I love clever humour! thx!

  2. Ewww the first picture makes me sick! How could someone eat that? YUCK!

    Okay and I just may have peed myself a little over the “saddest person in the world note”… and I may have sent it to my sister noting that it was from her future son! HAHAHA

    …dying! Thanks for the chuckle!

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