Mixing it Up!


Need I say more? I am a happy camper and am so looking forward to the weekend. Heading out with friends tonight (may have done a little lunch time shopping for this…H&M, I heart you), tomm I have some volunteer work for that campaign I have mentioned in previous posts and then another date! Hiking, dinner and cozying (word? eh I’m just gonna roll with it) up on the couch with a good flick. Actually, does anyone have any good movie reccommendations? It can be tricky finding a good movie to pop in, there are so many options and I often find myself just so impatient about the whole process that I allow the boy to choose which more often than not is a big mistake! :0) SOOO please, ladies help me out with this one!

Ok so I know that these past few weeks Fridays have been devoted to quotes BUT I was given an award this morning, first by Nelly, such a sweet, honest and motivational blog. I absolutely love how she is so open about something that I find hard to talk to even my closest of friends about — weight, dieting, yada yada. It is truly inspiring to read her blog and see that she realizes how important health is but at the same time we only live once, so if you are craving the brownie, just have the brownie! Haha I have really enjoyed getting to know this blogger better =)

And secondly, I recieved the same award from newbie blogger, Laurel. Laurel is actually my only “real life” friend in the blogging world (as of yet anyways) and her blog is fantastic. It is very different from the many blogs I read, mostly dedicated to random rambles and daily observations (which I happen to thoroughly enjoy!), hers is more in depth and geared towards making sense and understanding both the triumphs and the tribulations that life presents us all with.

Both these blogs are definitely worth taking a looksey – you won’t be dissappointed!
Ok now onto the acutal award.

The laws of the land with this award is to introduce to the blogging world 6 things about yourself that you haven’t already shared or that people may not know about you. So here goes nothing…
1. I am a registered Independant. I am fiscally conservative but socially liberal.
2. Ok that was kinda boring right? Hmm well here we go, lets try this one – I once met Michael Jordon and asked him what his feelings on “doggy style” were. Its amazing what whiskey can do to ya huh?! Well if anyone is interested his response was, “I’m a fan”. Oh ladies, what a freaking nice smile this man has!! Not to mention he was extremely polite and nice.
3. I wish my boobs were smaller.
4. When I am in my car alone, I often think I have a great voice. I have even thought to myself, “wow I am American Idol material”, voice of an angel right here – this is what I think while driving alone anyways. When I am with someone else I am forced to deal with the fact that my voice isn’t good at all and that me thinking it is may have something to do with the volume being up so high that I can’t actually hear my own voice. Oh it is a sad life I lead…no A.I future for me 😦
5. I prefer stapling to taping.

6. Last but not least: I was named after a song. Check it out; its totally hippie inspired and took me years to actually enjoy it but I am now a true fan of it. Its called “Aubrey” (duh) and its by the band Bread.
THANK YOU for the award ladies!!
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend; see you all on Monday!

3 thoughts on “Mixing it Up!

  1. OMG to the MJ thing!!!

    I have the best movie if you haven't seen it already Star Trek the new one. It's awesome D and I both LOVE it! hmmmm otherwise nothing is popping in my head. One good thing about letting the boy picking out the movie is that you don't have to pay that close of attention if you don't like it and just enjoy the cuddling!

  2. documentaries:
    Man on a wire
    Deep water
    gamer- sorta crazy and def rated R
    law abiding citizen- first five seconds are disturbing but the rest of the movie is good.
    the hangover

  3. documentaries:
    Man on a wire
    Deep water
    gamer- sorta crazy and def rated R
    law abiding citizen- first five seconds are disturbing but the rest of the movie is good.
    the hangover

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