Not feeling so great today, think it may be from a compilation of these things:

– Two tickets this week. One parking ticket, the other for ACCIDENTALLY driving thru a fastpass lane.
– Not knowing the difference between bananas and plantains.
– Watching the Bachelor Wedding (gag).
– Eating far too many sweet things, can’t stop munching this week! Means I may be a bit of a grump next week 😉
– Dealing with a total jackass this morning. Small man = huge ego!
– Rainy weather today and apparently it will only get worse as the week goes on.
– Not exercising as much as I normall do during the week. Serious lack of motivation the past few days!
– Spending way too much time playing UNBLOCK on my Iphone. I think I am addicted.

These are a few reasons for why I may not be doing my best today but mostly I think its just because theres a cold going around the office and it has finally decided to grace me with its presence. Gonna try to work it out of my system tonight on the bike!

However, amidst all my sickness, I actually do have many reasons to be smiling today. Heres the HAPPY list:

– Finally catching up with one of my besties tonight! It has been too long since I have had a good chat with this lady :-p
– Had a fantastic dessert last night, oreos are a perfect substitution for bananas =)
– Skiing with friends next weekend :o)
– Mum and Daddy-o both come home this weekend 🙂
– Bikini waxes are fun to dream about…errr um well, I got a good chuckle out of it at least.
– I had time to paint my nails TWICE this week! woot woot A relaxing pastime of mine 😎

Hmm I think thats about it…oh and one more thing,

Bond is now officially the BF =)

Kk, thats it for now! Be back tomm with the deets =)

Lastly, totally forgot to pass on this award to 4 other bloggers, so here it is. The Gorgeous Blogger Award goes to:

1. Laurel at http://style-laurel.blogspot.com/
2. Ari at http://epluribusunum21.blogspot.com/
3. Queenbee at http://queenbeeswain.blogspot.com/
4. Lindsey at http://learningtobeawife.blogspot.com/

All of these bloggers are fun and bring something different to the table. Go check ’em out folks!


3 thoughts on “Poo.

  1. Thank you! That was so sweet and unexpected! I can totally relate to the bad eating and exercising lately. Thankfully the sun is coming up around here so that helps 🙂

  2. First of all THANK you for the blog award! You are too sweet! Second: boo to the tickets! really … I am sure there are much worse things happening in the world that police could attend to than parking tickets and fast pass lanes.

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