I Ate his Heart.

Oh goodness.
Mid-week dates can be awful. I, for one, am usually in my PJs by 7:30, plopped on the couch counting down till bedtime on these “school” nights. I wasn’t sure how well I was going to function during our school night date and was mentally preparing myself all day for it :o) 
Ok ok, I am not typically THIS lame but it has been a pretty busy week (actually more like, couple of weeks) and I was nervous I was going to have no energy left for this poor boy. Well, as I walked out the office I purposely gave myself a good kick in the butt, sucked in the fresh air and headed to the closest cabbie thinking, “I am a big girl, this will be fun – stop thinking about the hour long car ride home you have after this date!” and with that I was ready to go =)  Actually, I was more than just “ready to go” Bond had told me earlier in the day he had gotten tickets for some sort of small local theater production in the South End but refused to tell me exactly what show it was so I was excited to not only be going but to also be going to something that I didn’t have to plan. In past relationships that has typically been my role – something I truly don’t mind doing but also its nice to be surprised every once in awhile too – it was a breath of fresh air.
Back to the school night date.
We had decided to meet up at this small Thai restaurant that he had been to before, at 6 o’clock. Despite being in heels in the windstorm of ’10 I made it on time which was a triumph for me (I have been having some troubles with punctuality as of late ops.), linked arms with Bond and headed in. Well it wasn’t the quaint, little hole in the wall joint I was expecting it to be BUT it was absolutely delicious. Hands down the best Pad Thai Chicken I have ever had. Plus an added perk was that it is right next to a favorite pizza place of mine: Little Steves. A girlfriend and I use to be V.I.P here…Oh Batista those were the days!!!
Anyways, so there we were eating our dinners, chatting in between noodle sucking (not the easiest thing to eat elegantly while on a date but oh well) and sipping on tea. About half way thru I started focusing mostly on the chicken for I haven’t exactly mastered those dang chopsticks yet and they were getting in the way of our very important convo regarding Japanese motorcycles and the sauna like temps the room had started to feel like. So as I said, I started unearthing and digging up the small pieces of chicken that required no cutting (hard to cut chicken with chopsticks…) when Bond abruptly places a piece of chicken on my plate. I zoomed in, examined the golden piece of heaven, realized it was a piece requiring no “cutting”, smiled at Bond and gobbled it right up.
Bond just kind of stared at me while I was off in la la land enjoying my munching and finally said,
“Do you know why I gave that piece of chicken to you?”
I smirked and gave him a “duh” kind of look replying with,
“Yea, because you saw I was only eating the small pieces of chicken.”

Bond laughed in awe and countered with,

“Why would I give you a piece of my chicken when you have plenty of your own?! I gave it to you because it was SHAPED IN A HEART.”
Ha ha ha so this is what happens when cute boys try to do cute things for me.
I eat them up.

However, I must say it really was a delightful bite 🙂

Kind of out of the blue but I was listening to NPR this morning and they were talking about vending machines in Japan which are designed to clean your pets for you. After some googling about, I came to realize there are actually many many weird vending machines out there.
Heres what I found, ENJOY!

2 thoughts on “I Ate his Heart.

  1. lol!
    First dates rock! Oooo I can't wait for you to get to the make out sessions. Details please!
    Oh yes, the OTHER reason I'm here – you have an award on my blog. Come and get it sweetie!

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