Some Pep in my Step!

Thoughts on my way into work this morning:

The Bachelor is over – thank goodness.
The sun was shining this morning – lots of smiles attributed to this.
Eggplant for dinner – never again.
Edys ice cream – $2.99, nearly 2 whole bucks cheaper than B&J!
Driving vs Train – neither one, wish I could fly 😦
Coffee – love. Not such a fan of the way my skin reacts to it (dryness city).
Tuesdays – Use to be grandparents for dinner “day”: eclairs, tea and lots of silliness =)

This past weekend was jam packed with lots of small scaled yet fun filled adventures. A “house” party on Friday night, which turned out to be a lot of fun but definitely not what I was expecting. Attendees of this soiree were engaged, married and in one case even preggers! Eikes, I think I have officially entered the land of grown ups… frightening :-p Saturday I helped my mom with a really yummy recipe for granola bars, they came out delish. After this is where things began to get rather interesting.

I had a date!

Hmm lets call him, Bond (if he ever reads this he will understand why). We had gone out before this past Saturday but only for dinner and lunch, so each rendezvous was a bit short lived and we were definitely on time restrictions. Well this time around we went skiing and were forced to stick together for most of the day (I had a getaway plan though just in case!! hehe). It ended up being a blast 🙂 After skiing we bummed around my house (yes the fam met him and 100% approve, they can be tough cookies too, so I am happy), then went out for some sushi and planned on ending the night with a movie. After the movie we headed back to my house to wrap up the night, but it turns out poor Bonds stomach had other plans! Living over an hour away from me, driving all the way home wasn’t an option. My mom set up a little sick spot for him and we all did our part to make him feel at home and comfy; even though we all know when  you are sick all you want to do is be in your own bed, being comforted by your own mom 😦

It was most likely food poisoning because even though the night was awful for him, the next morning he woke up and was more or less brand new =) In tip top shape! He spent the morning with my family and I must say for such a wacky turn of events to happen it all kind of fell into place rather perfectly. We saw each other at our worst; him with his head in a bowl, me with no make up on and we got to wake up with one another, granted we were head to head on a sectional but still it is certainly a memory! He was awfully embarrassed and felt like he was imposing but honestly I wouldn’t have changed it one bit. No matter what happens with him and I, we will both always remember that date;  starting with some ski “swagger”, throw in some sickness 😦 and end it with some head snuggling. All in all it was a memorable day :-p One for the books, I’d say!

No matter what kind of spew he tries to throw my way, how could I really turn down the guy who sends me sweet messages like this?

Oh and check out what I have to look forward to this summer!!!

6 thoughts on “Some Pep in my Step!

  1. Ohh I am SO happy you found my blog! Yours is ADORABLE! A) He gets props for the banana; that is the cutest thing ever. B) We go to Maine every year! My grandparents have a house in Bar Harbor. Have you been before? It is truly spectacular – I loveee it there! Get ready for TONS of blueberries and LOBSTER!

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comment love! Appreciate it! I'm gonna live vicariously through your dating. What a fun time of life! And what a interesting date! Poor fellow–getting sick! And I want to hear more about Maine! Beautiful pics and what fun to look forward to.

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