It has been too long.

What a year it has been. I have never been happier to say goodbye to a year, and from what I hear there are many who feel the same way. It is funny to think that one day can hold so much hope, so much faith is stored in January 1st; as though this day will be an end all be all to all the days prior. As silly as it is, I am a follower, I was counting down the days to the New Year, wholeheartedly believing with a new year would come a new me, a new start, a new life. Ha, I may be being a bit dramatic butttt I must say I really needed this hope, something to help me move on and look torwards the future.

This New Years meant more to me than any other New Years in the past; it held a lot of weight and significance in my life. I feel like its a fresh start for me, and as I cozied up in the boonies of Maine, watching some unexpectedly beautiful fireworks, sipping on champagne, surrounded by new and old friends, counting down to 12:00 I realized: life is good. Its really good, and I can appreciate it because of all those sometimes not-so-good moments. I have shed more tears this past year than any other year, 2010 will be the year I smile more than any other year.

Don’t mind the cocktail, may have indulged a bit this year!!

How was everyone elses year? I hope you all haven’t totally given up hope on me!! =)

PS. Tommorow I will try to go into bits and pieces of this past year but will also keep it light and breezy, as I have in the past.


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