Oh Thursday, how I love thee.

This time last week I was driving up to maine in some pretty slippery conditions, making every pit stop my lovely co-pilot and I could possibly make (Panera you are such a good friend!!). This week I will be driving in equally scary conditions: city traffic! However, as there was last week, there is a light at the end of the tunnel – dinner, beer and um, errrr, hmm how do I put this in a way that I can sustain any sort of dignity? Don’t think there is a way, so instead of saying it I will resort to this:

Yes, it is awful and yes I am ashamed. But oh goodness is it not the best sort of “pick me up” around?! Pure, unadulterated fun. I get to spend an hour of my night completely in tune with this group of people, that week after week continue to amaze me with their wit? beauty? intelligence? Ha I have no idea what it is that has me hooked, but it sure ain’t none of those (oh gosh I think their lingo is starting to rub off on me). Whatever it is that I find so compelling in these self proclaimed “Guidos” and “Guidettes” I have decided that it is time to expose my interest to the world. So thank you Blog, my cover is blown and my honesty is restored! I am a fan and will continue to be so until one of them becomes educated, removes the hair gel and or fake boobies or realizes that tanning is actually very bad for you…

Has anyone ever had any interest in going to Alaska? I met someone over the summer who has made it a bit of a life goal to get there and it wasn’t until I met him that I realized how beautiful it really is. Leave you all with some of the perrrty pics 🙂

Saw so many moose this summer, I am telling you its a sight to behold – for such gigantic animals they move so gently!

Penny for your thoughts?

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