The best feeling

is when your hair stylist begins to rinse the soap and dye out of your hair during an appointment. Between the warm water, the lulling background music and the smell of lilac shampoo, it’s all just too good to be true. And then you remember the best part has yet to come. The part that all men should consider learning how to do…

The head massage.

This alone is worth the cost of the entire appointment.

I only have one silly little problem with the whole experience though, do you lie back, close your eyes and just get into it or is that a little too, desperate? These are the things I think about – my poor brain. Part of me wants to do that immediately and then part of me is embarassed by how much I enjoy it and I end up pretending to be all nonchalant about it, as if I couldn’t be bothered one way or another (pssh, if they only knew).

To indulge in the head massage or not, what do you do? Oh and in case you’re wondering or need a new hair salon, I go to KA Ricco in the harbor. It’s a solid A+ every time πŸ™‚

Happy hump day everyone! Here’s to having a great night πŸ˜‰

PS. Geo, in case you’re reading this, my “great night” will consist of Nashville and going to bed. Sorry if I got your hopes up… love you! πŸ˜€


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