Our Visit Home…

was wonderful. I was excited to visit friends and family but what I hadn’t realized was how nice it would be to be back in my comfort zone. I absolutely love London and have whole heartedly embraced our way of life here but it was really calming to be back by the sea, by our friends and family and in a town that we’ve very much made our home.

One thing that wasn’t so wonderful was how I spent much of my time there…

work work work.

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 9.56.12 PM.png

But there were many moments that were pure bliss. Here are a few of those 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 9.56.51 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 10.00.00 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 9.57.43 PM.png

Grateful: For a mellow, relaxing Sunday. Breakfast out, followed by lounging at home, grocery shopping together and some cooking. It doesn’t get much better!

Bring On The…

catcalls. Yep, I said it – bring. them. on.

They may be degrading and gross but I got whistled at for the first time in maybe years (ouch, I know) and I kinda loved it. There I am, pushing a 7-month old in a stroller and some guy in a truck (sleezy as it may have been) checked me out! My 10-pound heavier, postnatal bod and liked what he saw enough to shoot me a whistle. I will take it.

Note: I actually felt really awkward when it happened and refused to make eye contact (like the mature woman I am lol) but it was kind of nice to know I’m still noticeable and don’t blend into the world of all things baby that my life has recently become 🙂

In other news we just moved back to London after visiting the States for a couple weeks. It’s great to be back in our own space and have our own routine but I certainly cannot complain about our living accommodations while home… Thanks Mom and Dad for letting the three of us crash as Casa Burke!


Grateful: For my occasional moments of brilliance… Having our babysitter come for the afternoon after a night of traveling made all the difference for Geo and I. We’re feeling refreshed, happy, united and ready to take on a night that will no doubt be a long one. #JetLagSucks #PoorBaby

The best feeling

is when your hair stylist begins to rinse the soap and dye out of your hair during an appointment. Between the warm water, the lulling background music and the smell of lilac shampoo, it’s all just too good to be true. And then you remember the best part has yet to come. The part that all men should consider learning how to do…

The head massage.

This alone is worth the cost of the entire appointment.

I only have one silly little problem with the whole experience though, do you lie back, close your eyes and just get into it or is that a little too, desperate? These are the things I think about – my poor brain. Part of me wants to do that immediately and then part of me is embarassed by how much I enjoy it and I end up pretending to be all nonchalant about it, as if I couldn’t be bothered one way or another (pssh, if they only knew).

To indulge in the head massage or not, what do you do? Oh and in case you’re wondering or need a new hair salon, I go to KA Ricco in the harbor. It’s a solid A+ every time 🙂

Happy hump day everyone! Here’s to having a great night 😉

PS. Geo, in case you’re reading this, my “great night” will consist of Nashville and going to bed. Sorry if I got your hopes up… love you! 😀

Friday Five

Well we made it to the weekend! This was a rough week for both Geo and I, and we REALLY deserved that Nona’s ice cream we indulged in while watching House of Cards tonight. So much so that I only realized after the cup was gone that I should have splurged and gotten two scoops, not just one. #LessonLearned #FridaysAreForTwoSCOOPS 🙂

Friday Five:

My yard looked particularly pretty today…


My new favorite content organizer is Feedly.com. It not only organizes your favorite sites by topic but it also suggests other sites you may find interesting/useful. Being in the marketing biz, coming across this site the other day was like being proposed to after 3 YRS of dating – finally, it’s happening 🙂


My baby is kicking up a storm this week! It’s amazing. It’s a miracle. It feels freaking weird!

My obsession as of late has been coconut oil. To cook with, to moisturize with and to use in a desperate attempt to prevent stretch marks… although rumor has it its hereditary and I’m pretty much screwed. Gonna oil-away anyways and say a little prayer to the coconut gods (say one for me, will ya?!).

My day is ending with this blog post, which I’m writing on my brand new MacBook. Its always fun to a get a new toy and this is no exception, however I’ve always been a PC girl so this is a change – a big, great, confusing, frustrating change. Geo, please be patient with me while I learn how to navigate this whole new world… love you!

Have a lovely weekend!