Things I know :

1. Modern Family is on tonight and from 9 to 9:30 I will be laughing my tush off! 2. My closet is always going to seem bare on days that I’m indecisive and/or grumpy. Most mornings start off with me carefully shifting around pieces of clothing in my closet (as if the assortment changes on a daily basis), whispering to myself, “hmm what am I going to wear”… it’s to the point where George now mocks me for it. On grumpier days its, “ughh, I have NOTHING to wear!”. Working on the whole tantrum thing :/

3. There was a point at dinner last night where George grabbed my hand and we were both thinking about how much we mean to one another.
4. I over-think everything and under value myself. I struggle with allowing myself to believe I’m worth a decent salary or that my thoughts are as great/important as my coworkers. Too often do I question myself and it REALLY has to stop. Like right now. 🙂
5. Lastly, George is running late and I’m sitting on our steps (locked out of apartment) with a box of Oreos, this, my friends is bad news! “I know” they will be thoroughly enjoyed!!


Penny for your thoughts?

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