To Grandmothers House We Go!

Last weekend was spent in a car, with my parents and my 5 year old sister – I loved it πŸ™‚

I mean, sure there were a few moments of despair, frustration, whiplash and tension but besides all that it really was so much fun! haha The trip was long overdue.

It is truly unbelievable how strong and, as my mom put it, “resilient” my Grandmother is. She thanks God for her good fortunes and feels so “blessed”, and although it warms all our hearts to hear this, we also are astounded by these words. This is a woman who has lost so much in her life, has felt so much pain and sorrow; there are not many people I know that would feel this way after losing a child to drowning or another to a life of mishap and drugs. Then there is Grandmas daughter, Kelly, who has a daughter with severe autism (Grandma is actually a “step-grandmother” and we don’t see her family all that often), and it was truly eyeopening to watch this family not only function but actually thrive to an extent that I cannot imagine being able to do. As I watched Kelly’s husband carry his 9 year old daughter up to bed I was literally dumbfounded by the pettiness of some of the things I became upset with earlier that week. Life has such a way of putting things into perspective when you need it to.

The trip was so good for my parents and I – WE are the ones who are “blessed”. So blessed to have Grandma Anne in our lives.

In other news, George and I have seriously started to look into apartment have are having some great luck so far! Exciting and “blessed” times πŸ™‚


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