So this past weekend was not your typical 4th of July but a great one just the same! Bond’s family lives right on the water in a beautiful town south of Boston which provides us a great place to nuzzle up and watch the fireworks – boy was it beautiful! We enjoyed all the “ooooohs and aaaaaahs” with another couple who I have grown to enjoy a lot 🙂 New friends!!! woohoo

Woke up.
Felt good.
Ready for a run in the sun.
Felt like shit and instantly became annoyed.
Awesome way to start the day…

Luckily I worked my way out of it and did so just in time to start helping the boyf with his packing.

Oh did I mention he got his own apartment!?!?!?!? And I found it for him?!??!?!? Haha Obviously I have to throw in a little self promotion there… 🙂  Its soooooo (the most over used word of the week) – CUTE! Hardwood floors, white woodwork, shaded by surrounding trees, tiled bathroom floor. Just perfection. Once it is in a reasonable state of decor I will post pics!

Anyways back to the packing. This is a side of my boyfriend I knew existed but hadn’t come face to face with.

Pink & Mint colored slacks.
The thing about Gdawg is he is a man of many tastes, hobbies, strengths and interests. So it doesn’t surprise me that I came across these but what DID surprise me was his determination to keep them from being tossed into the GoodWill pile. How was I suppose to respond? First I laughed thinking he’s got to be joking. Then it transpired into panic “when is he going to wear these? Not with me I hope!!”. Which obviously resulted in my annoyance – is he fo realz? “Why is he being such a baby about it???”. Eventually we compromised and the mint beauties were set aside for GoodWill (a Homeless yuppie. will surely be an interesting sighting). When it was all said and done I stepped back and realized if the situation were reversed I would probably try to bitch slap him for trying to throw something of mine away that I had any desire to keep :-p
And plus now he has two pairs of pink pants, eventually we can make them into little skirts for Liv! ha =)
Totes sidetracked there. Back to business.
Lunch with some of his family members.
This was also an interesting experience. Our first time really shopping together and I have to say it was a success! Lots of bargain shopping. Went to Marhsalls (fell in love with their clearance department), hit up Home Goods (great kitchen supplies) and ended it with my favorite department store – Target! Ahhh how I love it there. And Mushhhhh loved it too because they had a Starbucks there! Doesn’t get much better than that! Loaded up on all the essentials and a few nonessentials. I just HAD to have a freaking gallon on Crest Whitening Mouthwash (seriously though, it works wonders) and also bought some great coasters where you slide in pictures of yourself, CUTE right?
Shopped for 4 hours.
Picked up pizza.
Had friends over.
Hopped on the boat and watched others water ski, while I indulged in some sunbathing.
(Tried the water skiing once and its just not my thing – the thought of belly flopping with skis on is just not appealing to me…)
Ended the night with some much needed Dexter.
We are addicted.
And may or may not have watched the first, second and now third season in just over two months.
Does that make us tv junkies? I mean we do watch it on a lap top, not technically a tv… 🙂
Fast Foward to Monday
(Sunday is a bit of a blur. It started with a 4.7 mile run at 6 am, ended with a lovely cook out at my house and in between those two saweet events we were packing.)
Woke up.
Ate a delicious bowl of Coco Pebbles that G’s mom got for me. Does he really need to leave home?!?! 😦
Filled up the truck and off we went.
Hit up fast food for the first time together – enjoyed every single bite of my BK chix sandy.
1 hour later was cursing that chix sandy.
Witnessed my boyfriend have a blonde moment.
I’m rubbing off on him…
Heard the phrase “You are right, you are always right” for the hundreth time this weekend.
If only he had thought that regarding the pink pants issue.
Shopped some more.
Rested on his new beautifully comfy bed.
Was brought out to dinner – Mango Tango Mexican. Our new fav spot!
THEN headed home.
I like it!
Oh and watched one more episode of Dexter, just to top the weekend off 🙂
P.S. What happened between Jake and Vienna?!?!? Did anyone watch?!

9 thoughts on “Cleverality.

  1. lol u are hilarious!!!
    OMG if my BF had those pants i'd try to make him give them up also. If I had to choose, I'd keep the mint green ones over the pink though!
    That's so sweet you guys went shopping together, my bf never wants to

  2. I always try to get my husband to buy pink shirts!! I think they would look so cute on him–you know, like a pale pink polo–but he refuses!
    The pink pants are a little bit out there though!!

  3. cute post aub! And yes I watched the sh**show that was Jake and Vienna.. it was truly painful to watch. I am convinced they are both complete idiots

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