Thursday Thoughts!

Just wrapped up a quick chat with an old friend and I’m amazed by how some people just “get it”. It is so comforting to know that I am not alone in my thoughts; which tend to revolve around where I am and where I see myself going. I am so happy with my life and who I have in it but it wasn’t so long ago that I imagined myself hopping around from country to country, meeting new people and learning about new cultures. It is scary to realize that this is no longer a desire of mine. It is a bit of a transition period, trying to figure out who I am becoming. Not to say I will not participate and spend my time travelling/challenging myself but I will now be doing these things with someone else (who is amazing). My life is taking an unexpected turn, I wouldn’t change it for the world but it is definitely not what I imagined for myself – in fact, it may be even better 🙂

Some of my favs lately…

Penny for your thoughts?

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