Facebook: In my face a bit too much.

Dear Facebook,

I sincerely appreciate you bringing us all together.

However, for a world that is so big you somehow make it feel so small.

Please do something about this and the fact that my young adolescent cousin deems it appropriate to swear and be somewhat scandalous (does she realize its a fishbowl, everyone can see what she writes?!) on her profile.


Committed FB follower.

Does anyone else feel like FB has more negative aspects than good ones? I was chatting with my mom a few days ago and she was telling me that not everyone you meet is suppose to stay in your life; regardless of what facebook and other social outlets of the sort may claim/instigate. It was a “ah ha” moment for me. My mother has never been more right about anything. I blindly have been under the influence of facebook and all its mind games that I had begun to think that it was important for me to keep tabs on people, even those I don’t really like. Its difficult not to when their status’, pics, and comments are shoved in your face on a daily basis. It can sometimes feel as though you cannot get away, especially from those who you so desperately need to get away from. I have even gone as far to “hide” certain people from popping up in my newsfeed; sound pitiful, well sure it is but it has saved/preserved my sanity. You all know what I’m talking about…who really wants to see pics of thier ex’s actually enjoying the fruits of life without you?!?! Am I right or am I right? 🙂

Anyways, I started thinking about all this facebook nonsense mainly because an acquaintance recently posted something on their livefeed which I found to be terribly offensive, (rude enough to get me to respond) and I then started questioning things such as etiquette and manners. Some people seem to have forgotten that just because you are in the land of “virtual socializing” does not mean its okay to name call and or belittle others. And lastly, just because I didn’t vote the way you think I and the rest of the state should have, does not mean I don’t understand the opponents practices and beliefs – I can “THINK” perfectly fine, thank you very much.

Ha well now that felt good! Thanks for listening to me vent everyone. Thoughts on this?

This lovely lady talks a bit about facebook and all its torments in her blog here, http://iwokeupinnyc.blogspot.com/2010/01/truth-series-living-for-me-younot.html.


17 thoughts on “Facebook: In my face a bit too much.

  1. so true. I hate FB with a passion yet I find myself indulging everyday…. why?

    I had to tell an old girlfriend to “block me” cause I didn't want to “see” what she was up “to”. The pain was too great and sometimes you just need to forget. Yet, I still find myself getting a glimpse of her every now and then, and wanting more. sucks.

  2. Very much agree. I use facebook as a marketing tool and a way of keeping in touch with a few friends who I met in Africa – that's how I joined.

    My other half (thecrazybrit) ended up deleting her account and found that it not only got rid off the negatives, but gave her the gift of time too!

    I'm sure she'll comment herself though 🙂

  3. I hate it when facebook flashes in everybody's face that I'm in a relationship when I updated my status…lol its scary.And embarrassing.
    I don't hate fb though,it gave me farmvilee 😛

  4. haha I hear ya'll! I wish I had more self control like you Petro =) I keep it only because it really does keep me connected to people that are important to me (i.e family members and friends in europe). But it certainly does have drama rama.
    OH and just to let everyone know that “deleted comment” was just a replica of the one above – I don't delete comments…no censorship here peeps 😉

  5. My facebook rule is that if I don't know you know you or have burning curiousity about your life and where its going I don't accept you as a friend. I clean shop every six months and I find it very helpful.

  6. Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting!

    I've definitely “hidden” quite a few people on Facebook – and for some reason, it always turns out to be the people who are constantly and vehmently political in their comments that I hide.

  7. I completely agree with you. All I ever read when I log on is how someone found a chicken in farmville, or whatever — it's beyond childish.

    If people want to contact me, I have three e-mail accounts, so it's not to difficult to contact me privately. Facebook is too public and just a little bit creepy.

  8. I wonder why FB tries to tell me who to reconnect to, as if I'm being a bad friend by not messaging people I never see in real life and had math class with in 9th grade.

    I have enough people telling me I'm a bad friend, after all.

  9. Ugh this is why I'm in facebook less and less. If not because of my line of work , I would've totally deleted it. 😀

    ps. I noticed you're a blog friend / reader of Cheryl from Confession Of Twenty Something Years Old. Me and a bunch of friends are trying to get her to be featured in 20SB for February. So if you have an account in 20-Something Bloggers please help vote for her. All you have to do is visit here and write “I vote for Cheryl from Confession Of Twenty-Something Years Old” or “I second this nomination” 😀 thanks so much before, I hope you participate!

  10. I do love facebook BUT I also totally agree with your mom! Some people I really was never friends with but I am fb friends with them. we have nothing in common but still we are “friends” and dear god don't ever try to delete anyone. I decided that I didn't want my co workers to be commenting on my personal life so much so I deleted all the co workers. HUGE DEAL> NOte: just never add your coworkers.

  11. Hi I'm Erika (you don't know me I randomly stumbled onto your page)

    But I don't have a FB b/c I think it is ridiculous. I love the idea of checking in on long lost friends…& seeing their kids pics & famiies b/c lets face it if you have children you're likely too busy to keep in close contact with everyone you'd like to.

    However I think it gives people the courage to say things as if they're invicible. For instance someone recently told me a girl I know posted an incredibly brazen & ignorant comment that all women who work should quit their jobs & stop being worrying about material things & focus on their kids. I for one was offended, being a full time working young mom.

    So long story short…I agree that FB often brings more negative out than good. And stirs pots that perhaps don't need stirring.

    Take Care 🙂

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