I have taken the pledge and so should you. A very dear friend of mine recently received the Kindle as a gift and loves it. At first I had no freaking clue to what she was talking about and when she explained it to me I found myself both, happy for her and slightly sad for the world. To think you can now buy and then read books electronically is disheartening. Being a reader, theres nothing like holding a new book in your hands, opeing up the crisp pages to find a whole new world just waiting for you to dive into. Or how about something as simple as turning the pages, knowing you are one step closer to the end of a mystery?! No more book marks? No more bookshelves?! I often find that one of the most telling things about a person is what you can find in their book nook, bookshelf, bookcase (whatever you wanna call it). You can get a real feel for a persons interestes, hobbies, passions and so on by just taking a quick glimpse at their book collection, right? Well I think it would be a trajedy if this no longer became an option. So hop on the bandwagon and take the pledge! :-p  http://readtheprintedword.org/
In other news, look what I found last night… Oh Boston boys, such keepers!! haha

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  1. you are so right about this. I got the book Bonjour tristesse by Francoise Sagan as a CD, and it simply feels fraud.

    I really like people like you, cause you keep some true things where they should be. It's about valuing things for real.

    Hope to hear more from you!

  2. I have a Kindle and love it. However, there are some books I have to read in paper. The good thing is that I now spend a fraction of the money I used to spend and the real books that I have and display are books I truly love.

  3. yah, electronic this, electronic that… convenience, convenience, convenience…

    what happened to tradition and taking the time to enjoy things rather than rush around all the time?

  4. I just cannot associate anything electronic with books…its HORRIBLE!The smell of the books…the piles and PILEs of new books..shelves full of known companions…they give a happiness that cannot be compared!I take the pledge!

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