Odds and Ends

Crazy week. Enough said. These are some things I have been looking at and thinking about this morning:
-The fantastic stuffed peppers I made the other night and the even more fantastic company I had. An oldie but a goodie 🙂
-How odd I find this family to be. I appreciate difference and respect when people choose to be different but after watching a couple episodes of this show I find the family dynamic to be completely suffocating. It is one thing to invite your children to live a certain way but it is another to not encourage them to experience any sort of diversity. They are told that their way of living is the best and that is that. The kids, (all 17 of them) have a warped vision of what the “outside” world – they are home schooled and seem to only be friends with others whom are part of their congregation. I think they preach ignorance, not acceptance. However, I am mesmerized by the show and will most likely continue to watch it when its on, what does that say about me…
I need a life???

-And how much I have been enjoying this mans photography,

Photography by Daniel Cuthbert


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