Tag, your’e it!

Milestone in my blogging career:
An icon!!! Excitement of the week!

Wow my lifes worth was just brought down a peg however its all about the small things right? So anyways I would like to thank Princess Freckles for fulfilling my blogger wishes and tagging me in an activity that inlcudes a mascot of sorts. Here are the rules and regulations folks so listen up, this is serious business we are dealing with here:[1] Choose a minimum of 7 blogs for brilliance in content/design. [2] Show the winners and let them know. [3] List at least 10 honest things about yourself.


1. I have two alarms set for the morning. The first one is a forwarning, a heads up to let me know that quickly approaching are the worst 15 minutes of my day. The second one is a kick in the stomach, I am aware of the physical and mental pain to come and force myself to reconcile with my not too distant future. I steady myself, pull it together and after a few minutes of debating whether or not I should call in, I hop out of bed and turn the bright over head light on – which in no way will let me slide back into my layers of comforter heaven.

2. Dinner is not dinner without dessert.

3. I really enjoy decorating. I believe I get this from my mom, she is a great decorator and I hope I will have the same talent has her ๐Ÿ™‚ It is something that I was looking foward to do when I moved into my apartment this fall, however within weeks I realized it was useless while living with two boys. “GIRLS RULE AND BOYS DROOL!”.

4. In the past I have been guilty of flipping to the end of a book to read the conclusion. If and when this happens it is simply just evidence of a great storyline, one too good to wait for.

5. I use to be very shy, but finally came out of my shell in high school and am now the one you can sometimes find dancing on the bar or for that matter simba style while being held up in the air by massive basketball players (odd but true).

6. I have a lot of friends but few very close friends. Growing up I thought quantity mattered but as I have matured I have realized quality is what matters most. I choose to stay in touch with some and out of touch with others. Your friends say a lot about you and I am proud to say mine are the best, caring and most thoughtful people I know ๐Ÿ™‚

7. I prefer tea to coffee. However, I rarely drink tea. Tea tasted best while drinking it with my grandfather.

8. I love the idea of doing nothing on a weekend but when it becomes a reality I quickly get a bit stir crazy.

9. Marriage scares me a bit.

10. I eat far more chocolate then I let on. I seriously eat or drink some form of chocolate probably everyday. AH now that is honesty for ya!

Ok so now I tag:

The Lavendar Lilly

Vineyard Vogue

Walking in Memphis

Stop and Stare

Sherlock’s Stuff




Ops that was 8 wasn’t it? Ah I am such a rebel


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