We have a new president. Or did you already know that? Barrack Obama is the new president. Or did you already know that too? Well unless you have been hiding under a big old rock, chances are you already know this. There is not a person in this continental state that should not know that Barrack Obama was sworn in today as the 44th president of the United States, not a person. HOWEVER, does anyone else get the feeling that everything that has happened in the last few days has been a bit over the top? Or how about the feeling that President Obama has been president for less then 4 hours but seems to line himself up with the greats – Lincoln, King ect? Maybe it is the media that has categorized him as such but when a person in the lime light starts out as a hero and savior before they have even proven themselves to be one, I get a bit nervous that perhaps they will prove not to be.

I did not vote for Barrack Obama, but he seems to be a skillful diplomat and promises to stay true to bipartisan statutes. I have faith in the system and believe that he has been elected for a reason. As a president it is his duty to this country to represent Americans well on the international front as well as the domestic front. He is responsible for securing our civil liberties inside our borders as well defending our sovereignty within the international community. Now can you imagine having this on your shoulders (as well as hundreds of other tasks) AND having to be the SAVIOR that so many are expecting you to be? It is a sham and although I think it is terrific to see so many people out and about refueling their patriotic tanks and gearing up to support a man they view as the “change” this country needs, I feel as though this may come back to bite them in the tushes. He is only a man and that is something that has seemingly been forgotten.

PS. Wouldn’t it have been nice if all the millions of dollars that went into this huge, gigantic celebratory ceremony had instead been alotted to different charities or perhaps used to help the hundreds of thousands that are out of jobs right now? Or maybe have even used the concerts as a venue for fundraisers? Just a thought…

On another note –
Wouldn’t it be odd to share your wedding with 699 other couples?

“On October 16th, in the Republic of Artsakh,internationally known as Nagorno-Karabakh, the country celebrated a mass wedding of 700 young couples. Artsakh is a small, aparently soon to be thriving country, in a territory disputed between Azerbaijan and Armenia. This was sponsored by the Nagorno-Karabakh as a way to stimulate growth and optimism for their country. I’m sure this will help them with a population increase…”


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  1. Well said. I think the media is OUT OF CONTROL! I’m supportive of the system in this country (even though I “lost” this election), and I’m proud of Pres Obama. But I hope the media backs off a little so he can get his job done. He is only a man afterall, and people have built him up so high! It must be a ton of pressure!

  2. I totally agree – the inauguration coverage was CRAZY! By the time the actual event rolled around, I was already tired of it all. I didn’t vote for him, but I will always respect the President and can appreciate the historical significance! Now it’s time to put the partying aside and get to work! Guess we’ll see..

  3. I did not vote for him either, and remember 2004 very well, and it was nothing like this. I just hope that he can focus, and everyone can stop seeing him as this “icon” and “celebrity”

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