One of those days

So it is almost noon and I swear I am just running around in circles today! I have been unusally busy but I have absolutely nothing to show for it. I have been doing this and that, personal stuff as well as business stuff but none of the “projects” I have been concerning myself with are panning out – ei curumba. One thing that I have done particularly well this week is eat right. I have mostly stuck to veggies and fruit with the occasional slip (i.e – I had some carbs and ice cream on wed with the bf, ops) but for the most part I have done pretty well and I finally am starting to feel lighter and more energetic after the holidays. Oh and my BIGGEST accomplishment for this week was …

I am still flabbergasted with myself. Instead I have inserted water as my staple drink. So since I have been so good about drinking and eating healthy this week I have to reward myself right? Well drinks with friends and the bf tonight will be my reward 🙂 Does anyone know of any low calorie ALCHOLIC drinks? Something I have been thinking about a lot this week is a blog that I started reading this month, its creator is the gorgeous actress, Gwyenth Paltrow. She has an incredible body but she this is a day in the life of Gwyen;
7am (or upon rising): Glass of room temperature lemon water
8am: Herbal tea
10am (breakfast): Raspberry and Rice Milk Smoothie (follow method for Blueberry and Almond Smoothie)
11:30am: Coconut water
1:30pm (lunch): Miso Soup with Vegetables
4pm (snack): A handful of almonds
6pm (dinner): Steamed fish, quinoa, roasted squash
Yum? I mean I suppose the food doesn’t sound all that bad but who would actually stick with this diet? This is part of her “detoxification” after just about every holiday. I can see how it works, I simply can’t come to terms with it. Life is not suppose to be about starving yourself but to be healthy while at the same time enjoying the taste of food. Where I thought cutting coffee out of my daily routine was drastic I can’t imagine what a day in the life of Gwyen would be like. Not to mention most people I know do not have the time or finances to make some of these meals that she has posted on her site. Here is her blog – What do you think, am I over reacting to this form of diet?
In other news, I love Scrubs! I watched it for basically the first time (the 1st time actually putting some real interest in it) and I am a new found fan. Heres a clip I found exceptionally funny hehe 🙂

Oh and I was lucky enough to come across this little gem while randomly searching random sites this past week 🙂
“The Beerbelly The Beerbelly is just that, a belly full of beer. This belly allows you to smuggle in and chug alcohol at concerts, in the mall, or even at your kid’s tuba recital. With the Beerbelly, you can hold over a six pack in a pouch on your gut. One user said, “I sat next to a guy drinking an $8.50 Bud. I just unzipped my fly, stuck a cup between my legs, and poured myself a cold one.” It also comes in beer boobs—the Winerack. I guess this is useful—I’d wouldn’t mind enormous titties full of free beer—but it still makes me wonder what in the world they were thinking.”

Well the fact that the model is kinda cute does help this whole scenario a little bit but for the most part it is just weird and bizarre.

Friday Fact:
In every episode of Seinfeld there is a Superman somewhere.

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