When Your Babysitter…

is a better parent than you are 8)

Geo and I walked into the house after a date to the gym (not quite as fun as last weekend’s date!) and I hear what sounds like the music from Harry Potter playing in the background. So the next 30 seconds goes like this:

Me – “Hey Jenny! Oh is this the music from Harry Potter?”

Jenny – “Oh, actually no. It’s Travosky.” Followed by a sweet pity smile thrown my way.

So yea, its going to be hard finding a replacement babysitter when we head back to the states! Especially since Lucy seriously LOVES her. She gets so excited when Jenny walks through the door, which makes it all the more easy to leave her.

In other news, food is FUN and MESSY. #CleanUpAllDayLong

PS. We love Ella’s Kitchen baby products! They have a wide variety of options, all delicious (I look forward to each eating level so that Lucy can try the new combinations/flavors) and best of all, the ingredients are all REAL. If it says it’s Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin, Apples and Blueberries (one of Lucy’s favorites), that’s literally all there is (in addition to a dash of lemon). That’s it! Because I don’t make my own baby food (something that many moms do nowadays) it makes me feel very good giving my little one food that I trust is nothing but the best.




Grateful: For a relaxing weekend home. The next couple weekends will be busy (Barcelona next weekend and the following one Katie and Ted will be visiting!), so it was good to hang out, cook, watch t.v. and get some sleep!


Penny for your thoughts?

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