Busy Few Weeks!

The last couple weeks have been nuts, and I don’t see any reprieve from the madness for another couple weeks – it’s fun but a bit exhausting!

Our first Blue Apron box arrived two weeks ago and it is truly amazing. Geo and I love the convenience of it, it’s healthy recipes and the freshness of all it’s ingredients; to top it off, it’s actually REALLY good. Each meal has been better than the one before and it’s been so nice to eat good meals during the week. Here’s a glimpse:
 Cod                                                    Lemon Chix                                          Peach Pork

Maybe it was the fresh food, or maybe it’s just me turning into my Mom, either way I was determined to do some painting last week – this was the result:
                                              Beautiful but a bit worn and old.

                                  A fresh coat a grey and black paint changes that!

Lastly, my Grandmother came into town over the weekend for…. wedding dress shopping! 
Can you tell I’m not feeling this one? 🙂 
Oh and who’s this handsome dude? Bond is lookin’ good 8)
This week is another busy one! Another wedding dress appointment, red sox game, nantucket wedding, oh and at some point need to fit in some work and sleep – no big deal, I gots this! 

Penny for your thoughts?

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