Blue Apron Could Change My Life :D

The last couple weeks we’ve had a surge of cool nights and mild days, it has been absolute bliss! I do enjoy the summer but I love the Fall, so this weather has me excited for what’s to come over the next few months 🙂 Last week I took the kids I babysit to the Arnold Arboretum in JP and it was a perfect day…

  So gorgeous!                                          Does it get any cuter? 
Besides the gorgeous weather, I have been enjoying my weekends so much lately. Last weekend I spent time with good friends, and it’s only after a day with a girlfriend that I realize just how important they are to my life. Whether we’re talking about our significant others, our jobs, our parents, by the end of the conversation I always feel like I’ve just learned a little bit more about myself and have grown as a person (even if it’s just a teeny bit!). Besides that, it’s ALWAYS a good way get out some stress and get in some good laughs! 
This past George had a frisbee tournament out in Western Mass so I spent time with my family, kayaking on Saturday and hiking Mt. Monadnock on Sunday. I was a bit hesitant about how Liv would do on the hike but she was such a rockstar, she loved every minute of the three hour hike!
                Very proud of herself!                                         Liv jammin’ out. 

Life is good.

It’s especially good because we’ve decided to try out a meal, delivery service called Blue Apron. Once a week they deliver fresh ingredients for three delicious meals, and it’s $9.99 for each meal; for two people it’s typically about $60 a week but they’re running a great special right now, 3 meals for only $40 – go check it out! I can’t wait to try this for three reasons:

  • We buy lots of veggies and meat that we end up throwing away because it’s too much for just the two of us. Blue Apron serves the correct proportions for each meal so there should be very limited waste.
  • We often have the same sort of meals every week, there’s little variety. This new approach will allow us to learn new recipes and enjoy unique foods that we wouldn’t typically purchase.
  • Less time grocery shopping! Seriously, this is a big win for me. My main focus for grocery shopping will be breakfast and lunch food – easy peasy! 

At first the thought of only 3 meals being delivered was a negative but I thought about it and there’s usually a night or two during the week where one of us isn’t home or running late, so we’ll just have cereal or a sandwhich and then on the weekends we typically eat out or at our family’s homes. I’ll be sure to write about our Blue Apron experience next week! 🙂

One of the meals for next week: Spice-Rubbed Pork Medallions with Peach Salsa, YUM.

Image Courtesy: Blue Apron

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