He asked…

and I said yes! 🙂 
There have been so many thoughts and emotions running through me the past few weeks but most of them centralize around gratefulness and fulfillment. Grateful for the love and true happiness we’ve experienced since arriving home from our vacation (getting engaged while on a tropical vacay is the way to do it!). Our loved ones mean the world to us and they’ve been nothing but supportive and SO excited for us! Geo’s parents greeted us at the airport with flowers! 🙂 
Fulfilled because I feel at peace with my relationship with George. We have always had a fairly well balanced, transparent and loving relationship but I was starting to get a little anxious, my thoughts kept going to places I knew they shouldn’t but I found it hard not to think, “maybe he doesn’t think I’m the one for him?” or “perhaps he’s not ready, will he ever be?”. Geo never gave me any reason to second guess his feelings for me but maybe it’s the girl in me… I needed to be reassured that he was in it for the long run and when he got down on that knee, I almost immediately felt calmer and more centered. 
It’s been a few weeks since May 19th, our first day of vacation and subsequently, our first day being an engaged couple – yikes! 🙂 I hope to get back into blogging because 1. I miss it and 2. I want to document all the amazing/big things (and even the not so big things) going on in my life right now. I love being able to look back at past blogs and read the moments in my life that I thought worthy enough to post about. 
Like this one, the beginning of my love story with Geo, http://www.lifeofaub.blogspot.com/2010/03/some-pep-in-my-step.html
And could it have been this date where I fell in love with him? 🙂 
So happy I have these posts to look back on – thank you blog, I hope you and I become good friends again!

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