9 am wake up.
10 am pancakes (w/nutella – awesome) and Sunday Morning tv.
11 am shower.
12 pm TO THE BEACH. (yes, it’s purposely in caps – 1st beach day of the year folks!)
1 pm FINALLY found parking. (in caps to emphasize frustration. gah)
Sisterly happiness for a couple hours and with the bf too! Soft serve, clams, sand and beach day traffic. Summer is here.
3:30 pm resting on the couch from my long, arduous day.
5 pm a bit of work.
6 pm make some dinner for the boy and I.
7 pm bad, scary movie. Highlight was when George got the goosebumps from it and I didn’t!! :-p
9 pm bedtime.

It’s tough being me, I gotta tell ya.

Days like today are worth blogging about 🙂

Penny for your thoughts?

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