Why Hello, have we met before?

Round 2.

Blogging gives me such sweet satisfaction, it’s amazing to me how long I’ve been able to go without it. I suppose, like most things, it’s all about timing. Timing has brought me back to blogging – everything else in my life is moving forward, so why should my blogging stay paused?

So, I’m back to the blogosphere with a new title, new hosting site and newly found motivation to keep this part of me alive simply because it makes me happy 🙂

Other things that make me happy right now:

Mumford & Sons on Pandora (quite literally, “right now”).

The pre-battered chicken I bought for dinner tonight.

An old friendship, once badly bruised, now slowly regaining strength.

This blog: http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/

My Mom’s happiness and ability to ask for help when life gets to be too much.

A new outlook on my boyfriends obsession with Ulitmate Frisbee (yes, it’s a real sport, one that he plays multiple times a week!).

Birchbox is coming this week – I’m sometimes a bit materialistic. Getting goodies of an unknown nature is so much fun!


My sister, Mattie’s text, “Getting my nose pierced in 15 mins…didn’t tell Mom, Lord help me”. Well, can’t say I’m upset to be missing out on the dinner conversation tonight…

It’s June 4th and summer weather is surely just around the corner 🙂

What is making you happy today?


Penny for your thoughts?

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