How to be FEROSH?

This past year has done a number on my confidence. I feel stronger than I was a year ago and my priorities are more in check now than they have ever been before but there are times I feel as though I am losing my mind. I question my intelligence pretty much on a daily basis. When I know I am right I still question myself. When something bad happens at work I instantly think of how I may have contributed to its downfall… I have become my own worst critic and I seriously need to figure out a way to change that. I get into my own head and then it usually takes some form of activity to get out of it! Fresh air fixes all my problems these days, oh and some ice cream often helps too. I mean, yes there are plenty of times I say something without thinking. Plenty of blonde moments that oddly enough my sister, Mattie, seems to ALWAYS be around for but in all reality I am not a dumb blonde. Now how on earth do I convince myself of that?! =)
I think women tend to be too hard on themselves, what do you all do to focus on the good and step away from analyzing the bad?
I wish I could be as FEROSH as this blonde beauty!

2 thoughts on “How to be FEROSH?

  1. ahh I know exactly how you feel. I was an 4.0 student … I am in grad school… I am successful… Why do I feel like it is never enough? Why I used to think I was ” the shit” . Now not so much.

  2. It's difficult to know you're right, and stand your ground. I had to do it today. Everyone at work hates me today. But I'm right, and I know it. So do they.

    Always strive to be the person about whom they say, “She doesn't suffer fools gladly…”

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