Cleaning shop.

Ah what a day. Things with the property I have been so excited about purchasing are starting to fall thru…so bummed. I need to just trust that everything happens for a reason and there is some purpose for this but considering all the work that has already gone into it, and what a great opportunity it is I can’t help but feel a bit let down. Nothing is set in stone and I am hoping and doing my best to figure it out – so cross your fingers, say a prayer, do a dance – whatever ya’ll do to ask for guidance from the banker angels that lurk above us! :-p Please and thank you.

Hoping to save this day from complete disaster I decided I would be productive and clean out my computer. Meaning, I decided to go thru my “Favorites” and do some much needed deleting. Some of these go back to two years ago! My life has gone thru so many ups and downs along the way – I got a chuckle out of some of them 🙂

– Such a funny site, definitely check it out (great little somthin’ somethin’ to send your bfs way)

– A site all about “creative writing”. My guess is I woke up one morning, felt the need to expand my intellectual horizons and decided to dive into the world of writing. This lasted approximately 24 hrs.
– This is a blog that I have been following for awhile now. Dennis Leary is from Worcester, (hometown boi!) and his wife is someone I have found to be very accessible. Not a hoity toity supahstahhh. They live on a dreamy, whimsical farm in CT. It is a very nice blog to read every once and a while.
– I must have added this chica’s blog to my “fav’s” before I had my own blog! Love this gurl!
– Spent some time at this Inn last summer and had a blast each time. If you like woodsy, campy, upstate Maine definitely check it out!
– Maybe I was having one of those “fat” days or maybe I was genuinley interested in running a marathon…either way its a bit laughable right now. Especially since I ran three miles last night and felt as though I was going to pass out!
– Wanted to do this last summer and honestly cannot wait until I put away some time and dig my heels into this. What a great, great program 🙂

Woah look at the time!! Gotta run but I will continue this tomm — kinda fun 🙂

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