What a week! Things seem to be finally wrapping up and I am happy that the weekend is finally within our grasp 🙂   As life goes, there have been some family issues in my life these last couple weeks and I must say we are all ready for the waters to calm and the sun to come back out (literally — where are you sun?!) but instead we are faced with more snow and rain. Blah! This is my mature and reasonable response to everything these days. Although I should be honest, I alternate between “Blah” and “Gah” I really must expand my vocab a bit; Dr. Stepanski would be so ashamed. Nonetheless my attitude it starting to perk up again and figured it was about time I come and write a real post. Not just a montage of pics and quotes but something of interest. Something everyone is thinking but does not want to reveal in their own blogs. These are serious times, and I am here to provide a serious POST. My, oh so serious subject matter is….



Just what exactly is happening to Shiloh??!?!

I warned you it was going to be a serious post :-p

So I have a younger sister, 3 1/2 to be exact and I must say that rarely does she have much control over her wardrobe. It is not because my parents are oppressive tyrants that command she look a certain way at all times but more because she is a toddler and could really give a shit about what she looks like. Meaning, on occasion she will pull certain things from her closet but most the time she just wants to hurry up, get the whole dressing process over and be done with it so she can move onto the more important part of the day: torturing my mother with her pitiful breakfast eating habits (tears upon tears have been shed because of the lack of “popcorn” that is on the breakfast table…oh life can be so sad).

I understand many kids like to play dress up, my sister included, but in terms of the day to day stuff it is the parents who are responsible for dressing their kids and sooo people I ask you all, why do Brad and Angelina continually dress their cute little girl in dark, drab boys clothing? I am not trying to come across as though I am judging this “look” but more am just curious as to what their motives could be. Plus if you look closely at the picture above its clear those shoes have to be far too big for those little piggies of hers, right?! haha


3 thoughts on “

  1. Because she's a doll I wish Shiloh was more like Suri and wore the girlie girl but it doesn't appear to be her style.

    Kids do have personalities and know what they like. I don't think Branglina are forcing this look on her. I think they have money so their kids can have what they want.

    Let's be real – most people shop at Target or Kohls for their kids and there is a standard look and the public schools and Disney channel are so popular all the kids want the same things. The Pitt kids are worldly they're probably really sheltered too so they're not bombarded by the “popular” stuff like most kids. They get to see everything and pick what they like.

    On the same note if we're looking at how Brangelina dress Shi what about how TomKat dress Suri. It's an extreme on the other side.

  2. hmm I see what you are saying; my point is just that most toddlers when they go into a store don't start picking out clothes they “like” but more just anything they see. Maybe I am way off, but after having done my fair share of babysitting, 3 yr olds don't really care what they have on and don't have the sense yet to have a particular “style”. But I get your point and completely appreciate it 🙂

  3. When my good friend was young, she laughs now that her parents let her wear a pink bathing suit with a pin tutu on top, everywhere she went. Kids have NO CLUE when it comes to anything, let alone fashion and that's why they're so wonderful sometimes. Pure innocence is ignorance and ignorance is bliss, lol!

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