Food for thought.

Thanks to those who left comments on Fridays post, the thoughts and explanations for that quote were great!

I also think that a lot of people are frightened of change, the unknown can be a scary thing but it can also often be a wonderful thing. It is what pushes us to grow and thrive, expand into fuller and for the most part, better human beings. I try to embrace change but I won’t lie, there are times I am fighting it all the way. As I get older I truly see the significance and the empowerment it can bring into ones life. It is in the moments that you feel least comfortable that you grow the most. That is my opinion anyways. So I say, Yeaaaa to change!! Anyone who tries to stop it or get in its way will stay a close minded and sheltered human, which is a sad and pitiful thing to encounter.

Next up – Award shows.

I use to love love love watching award shows. I mean I seriously would count down the days to any award show, including Miss America! My best friend growing up was the same way, so we would often use this as an excuse to sleepover one anothers house, eat ice cream and jibber jabber about whose gowns were the prettiest! Oh they were so much fun growing up, thinking maybe someday I would be the one holding the golden man or wearing the crown, a girl can dream right?? 😛 

Well anyways, this has dramatically changed. I no longer have any interest in these monstruous productions. I know that these shows are in actuality much more than just “shows” and its a time for artists to be recognized and praised for their hardwork but I just have no desire to sit down for hours on end, and watch these people gloat while they prance around as though they are the greatest thing since sliced bread… harsh?

The best thing about these ceremonies are the dresses and I can easily check that out online the next day in about 10 seconds, no need to subject myself to hours of merciless acceptance speeches and overly exaggerated performances (although I do wish I had seen Pinks act on the Grammys the other night!). I just think its all the “hoopla” around these shows that make me slighlty uneasy. I’m not saying all but there are definitely many actors/actresses/singers and so on who already think they are a big deal, so why spend my night confirming their wildest beliefs, indulging them? 

Although I must say I may have a bit of a crush on all the men from Kings on Leon…. 😉

Lastly, I have fallen in love. So crazy in love I don’t know what to do about it. He is out of my league (a little pricey), and it would be a long distance relationship (not so great at those). But he is beautiful, gives me lots of space to think and live the way I want, lets me dress/decorate him however I want and he lends me unconditional love – no expectations!! 

                                                    To buy or not to buy?


4 thoughts on “Food for thought.

  1. Oh buying a house sounds like such fun! I'm addicted to HGTV House Hunters, Property Virgins, etc!!! if you can do it, go for it! And keep us up to date on all details!

  2. Oh buying a house sounds like such fun! I'm addicted to HGTV House Hunters, Property Virgins, etc!!! if you can do it, go for it! And keep us up to date on all details!

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