So peeps, lets talk.

Hmm where to begin with this one?

Online dating.

There, I said it! Why does it carry such a bad name? I mean, maybe it is just me but for some reason the idea of it is just insane. Pssssh whoever is part of an online dating site must be a wicked. major. total. losaaa.

Well my friends, according to my own thoughts: I am a wicked. major. total. losaaa.

So basically I was having lunch with a friend of mine (attacking a generously sized slice of pizza) when my friend, someone I consider to be very witty, interesting, beautiful and totally normal, dropped a bomb on me,

“So I went on a date with this guy I met from a dating site the other day.”

At this point my eyes bulged, my upper body leaned back in exasperation and my mouth full of pizza opened in such an ungainly manner that I was probably close to losing that exquisite bite of yumminess! My friend probably thought I was about to seizure and took protective measures by leaning over and knocking some sense into me, “haha Aub, relax!”.  So I did and as she continued on with her story I sat there in a confused and bewildered state, wondering what had the world come to that my terrific, sane, lovely friend has had to resort to an online dating site?!?!

She told me the name of the site and said, “You should check it out, there are actually a lot of normal, good looking guys on there. If nothing else, it will keep you entertained while at work.” I may have scoffed a bit and just nodded my head while thinking “ha I am so not one of those people…”.
Sure enough, 3 o’clock rolled around and instead of going for my daily piece of chocolate, I resisted the urge and made my way onto this infamous site.

I have been a member ever since.

Mostly, for entertainment purposes because if my friend was right about anything, it was that it sure can eat up a couple hours of your day! Holy snikies I sometimes find that just perusing thru various profiles takes up the whole train ride in! I have received many messages on the site, and a number of the guys have been actually pretty interesting and handsome men. However, it really is very different from meeting a guy at a bar or out at a social scene – it seems as though an ongoing complaint between fellow “cyber daters” is that some people do not look and or act as the way they look and seem on their profiles. The virtual world of dating is based much more on truly getting to know someone and less about physical attraction.

Proof: I was talking to a guy, who I thought to be very good looking and charming to boot. Well after a few weeks of chatting we finally got to the convo of “facebooking” one another (kind of funny, one social network to another – the progression of dating sure is changing). I have never been one to judge soley on looks and have dated some lookers and not so great lookers but let me tell you – this guy looked as much like the pics in his dating profile from his facebook pics as a frog looks like a horse. Bad analogy? Well you get my jist. Absolutely a different person. I was shocked and upset because here I was “getting to know” this man, only to find he was in a way decieving me… sound shallow? Well I suppose it is, but as we all know the attraction part does matter.

How do you all feel about online dating? I need some moral support here! 🙂  I know people who have had real success and who are not shy about sharing it with the world, why do I feel as though I am cheating the system by having an account? More importantly why do I feel like such a losaa? Thoughts?!?!?!

*Note – The site I am on is a free online dating service and if you would like the name of it, feel free to email me and ask 🙂

Oh and on another note, guess what I will be riding in, this Saturday?

   Soooo excited!!!

9 thoughts on “So peeps, lets talk.

  1. You're going to ride in a helicopter? Omigawd…! *heh*

    I have a friend who is getting married to a man she met …

    on line!

    This is the 21st Century, and it's just another way to meet people.

    Go for it…!

  2. My friend is also marrying a guy she met online! I know a lot of people who have done it and if I hadn't started dating D I would have.

    Does the site you're on have older people on it? My Mom is in her early 40s and needs to hit the dating scene if you could send me the website. That'd be great 🙂

  3. Timely question to be asking lol! 🙂

    You got it right. Tony and I did meet online. I always have to share my story of my ex and an IQ quiz and a morphing website all to lead up to my participation in a dating site, for the same reason you're grasping for justification. How do non-ugly, non-stupid people find themselves just as you said “resorting” to online dating? Because when it comes down to it, it's no longer resorting. For many it's the first option and there should be no shame! 🙂

    ::Although I did always say that I was just on the site for my vanity, while Tony was the desperate one. Hah.::

    One of the biggest factors in the success of our e-courtship was full on uncensored honesty. We both shared A LOT of information, because all that connected us was an email address. There was still a vague line of anonymity that both exposed and protected us. For this reason we were able to paint very vivid pictures of who we were as people. There was literally no double take when we finally met in person, it was simply to see if we had physical chemistry, as the person had already been proven.

    Best of luck to you! Oh and with the helicopter ride too . . . scary!

  4. Eeeek…the last helicopter ride i took…was being transported from one hospital to another. I thought i was going to die!!! Perhaps it was the medication.

    Anywhoo…have a wonderful time hun and take pics 🙂

  5. online dating,huh???

    Sounds good to me although the trend is not still entered our nation in a big way!!!It still is in a nascent stage…perhaps i can come back 5 years down the line and make a intelligible comment.
    But lookin at the responses am sure it has to be good!!!cant wait…

  6. online dating was the last place i thought i would find my wife. joined on a random impulse and it was the best choice i ever made.

    “when you least expect it…” thats what everyone always said… i just never believed until it happened to me 🙂 … anyways, heli ride huh? … i made my first heli skydive last year…was incredible!!! for some of my ramblings… ill blog about that heli jump tomorra…

    let me know if they would allow some skydivers to jump out…prolly lower the cost for ya! hehehe cya 🙂

  7. LOL found you at 20SB. I did a LOT of my dating online, simply because I liked being able to sit there in pajamas, chatting with 6 men at once to get a better feel for their ideals/thoughts/opinions. Sort of a quick, lazy way to sort through the crazies. 😉

    I found a lot really were just like they were online, though definately a few made you go “OMG. NOW I KNOW WHY YOU WEREN'T SMILING” (horse teeth…)

    Its just like IRL, where everyone puts their best foot forward for the first while, it just seemed more time save-er-ish to do it online?

    Anyhoot, I am married to an awesome man I met on Yahoo Personals, my sister is married to a man from and a coworker to a girl from eHarmony LOL

  8. Online dating..nothing is wrong with it and yea you actually get to *know* this person,which is really good.I met my ex online…don't dwell too much on the EX part,we are really good friends still:) For us it was the distance,and nothing more.So go for it!!
    P.s:Sorry for being such a late responser been out of the loop for a while 🙂

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