Pesky People

Ever had one of those days where the people around you are simply being PESKY? I have had one of those days for sure. However, it has not really been “people” but rather one person, one individual who has really been a pain in my arse. It started off this morning when I realized this person had displaced all my belongings, the ones I keep on my desk, simply because she was annoyed. Now being the rational person I am, I took one deep breath and had a COMPLETE MELTDOWN! This has not been the first incident I have endured with this co-worker and I genuinely came into this job wanting to be friends with her because she happens to be one of the few people in my age group but no no no, apparently she finds ME to be PESKY. I have yet to figure out what I have ever done to her, besides exist, but once I do I will be sure to tell her that “Pesky people do not make friends!”.

On another, less aggressive, note I was reading an article the bf sent me about a woman who sold her twin newborns in order to pay for lyposuction (horrible and odd, I know) when I came across this little gem,

I looked at it and then quickly looked around to make sure no one was walking by and dove head first into the article. These 15 people are nude models that art teachers use to direct students. For generations these models have received, “le cornet” a small tip from each student after each session. This tradition, as of late, has been disregarded and is now coming face to face with its official end. The models (the courageous people who bare their bodiesto strangers, I admire them so!) are demanding that this traditions continues to live on and that they are recognized for their contribution to the world of art. To make a point and stand out they decided to stand naked in front of part of the University in the freezing cold temps!
“We are as important as the teacher and the painter because without us they could not teach or paint,” said Salvatori, one of the protesters. “Without Gabrielle, who would Renoir have been?.”

What lengths would you go to in order to attain or maintain your rights?

Oh and by the way I had a fantastic weekend! We got up late Friday night and spent all day Saturday enjoying one anothers company while eating, drinking and oh yea scaling up a mountain and then “bushwhacking” our way down in snowshoes. Definitely a day to remember πŸ™‚

Not great pics, but the best I could do!

One thought on “Pesky People

  1. Pesky? What kind of a word is that to describe someone? Jeez…sounds like a coworker I had once. On one occasion she phoned me AT HOME to yell at me for misplacing something of hers. With people like that you just have to shake it off and laugh, which is of course easier said than done πŸ˜‰On the plus side, sounds like an amazing snowy weekend!

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