Rain Rain Go Away

Cold + Rain = Dreary and Unattractive Morning

My morning really started at 1 AM because thats how late I was up reading an excellent book called, Sarah’s Key. It is truly a terrific book so far (hence me staying up until the wee hours of the morning!) I won’t say too much about it but it covers an
event during the time of the Holocaust that not many people are aware of. It happened in Paris and French policemen were the faces of cruelty, not the Nazis. It is a heartbreaking tale but also superbly written and has a lovely message of hope and endurance. I completely, 100% recommend this book to anyone looking for an easy and interesting read!
Anyways, back to why this morning was “unattractive”. Well, before immersing myself in my book last night, I thought I had overheard the weatherwoman say something about “rain and horrific commute” but I shrugged it off thinking “it couldn’t really be thaaaat bad” boy was I wrong! It is cold and rainy and to top it all off I have pretty tacky raingear, as well as a non rainproof suitcase that I had to lug to the T stop that happens to be 10 minutes away and then to my job which also happens to be a 10/15 minute walk once off the train. Don’t understand my slight frustration with the morning? Maybe this will enlighten you.
My LIME green raincoat

My HOT PINK umbrella

Last but not least, my HOMEMADE rainproof suitcase

Through the misery of this yucky commute I did catch glimpses of sunlight, for two reasons.

1. Dragging my suitcase through puddles and mud is worth it because it is what I will bring home with me tonight, when I will go and spend time with family and friends this week 🙂
2. I got the chance to don my super cute rainboots!


3 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away

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