Oh Hawt Damn this is My …Blog??

So I have gone and taken the big plunge into the world of blogging, and so far I am feeling pretty good about it 🙂 After casually and very politely stalking peoples blogs for the last couple months I decided that having an outlet for all my thoughts, may be kinda nice. Also, a blog may be just the thing I need to help pass my time at this very uneventful and monotonous job I landed just a few months ago. Although I am not all that happy here, I realize that in times like these I really can’t complain and understand that receiving a pay check is something I should be grateful for.

While on the topic of paychecks and jobs I can’t help but be reminded of the sight I saw last night during my commute home. On one of the possibly coldest night of the year I found myself scurrying past a man and his child. They were standing by the train and the man was holding a sign that said, “PLEASE HELP, SON AND I ARE HOMELESS”. I was surrounded by a herd of bustling pedestrians trying to get on the train and yet stood there pretty much just gawking at the picture before me. The image has stayed with me and I can’t help but feel a tug at my heart everytime I think about it. How could things be so bad for a family that they are forced to resort to this? How sad must that father be, having his son beside him in a dirty train station, hoping for a few pennies thrown his way? How horrible is it that I didn’t see anyone stop to acknowledge the situation and give what they could? Just some food for thought…

On a lighter note it is almost the weekend and I have successfully completed my first blog! YIPPEEE 🙂

PS. Please come again, I’m nervous no one is going to be interested in my tiny little blog! haha


39 thoughts on “Oh Hawt Damn this is My …Blog??

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