Right Around the Corner…

from us is the cutest, coziest little coffee shop. Verde and Company is the perfect spot to stop in for a coffee, or in my case, a late-afternoon hot chocolate 🙂

Their hot chocolate is voted best in London for a reason – it is truly delish! Dark, creamy and sweet; just what you need after a long day with a baby who is jet-lagged :p Lucy enjoyed her teeny little baby sip so much that she wouldn’t stop grabbing at it! Like mother like daughter. #ChocolateDoesTheBodyGood

Grateful: For our construction worker friends who are always around to help me lift the stroller into our apartment complex, give us a friendly wave as we walk by and/or come chat with us during those witching hours that we so often spent sitting on our front stoop watching the people walk by 🙂

Why Is It That…

I spend half my day throwing away dirty diapers? I find them thrown about throughout the house. They’re rolled up (we’re not that gross – most the time..) but still, why don’t we throw them away right when the mess happens? Maybe because we have a squirmy, easily distracted 6 month old? Yea, perhaps.

I wake up every morning excited to head out and buy my daily cup of Starbucks (with Lucy tucked into the carrier), but oftentimes get home and totally forget about it until it’s chilled to the core?! Funnily enough I’ve noticed I don’t get around to drinking it until Lucy is down for a nap… Hmm I think there’s a pattern here 🙂

I dress Lucy in weather appropriate attire and only once I’m out the door do I notice I’m decked out in summer gear when it’s 50 degrees outside?! I’m thinking it has something to do with the hustle and bustle it takes to simply get out the door with a baby (do I have a paci, bottle, toys, blanket, diapers, etc – all while she’s screaming her head off because I’ve dared to turn my back on her :p). By the time it’s all said and done, we’re outside and I’m surrounded by people dressed to the nines (we are in London, afterall) and legit winter coats, scarves and hats on. Then it dawns on me how crazy I look. I don’t care that much, but maybe a little 🙂

And just because this little lady has my heart, here’s a couple cute pics! #MomLife #CantStop #WontStop