Friday Five

Well we made it to the weekend! This was a rough week for both Geo and I, and we REALLY deserved that Nona’s ice cream we indulged in while watching House of Cards tonight. So much so that I only realized after the cup was gone that I should have splurged and gotten two scoops, not just one. #LessonLearned #FridaysAreForTwoSCOOPS 🙂

Friday Five:

My yard looked particularly pretty today…


My new favorite content organizer is It not only organizes your favorite sites by topic but it also suggests other sites you may find interesting/useful. Being in the marketing biz, coming across this site the other day was like being proposed to after 3 YRS of dating – finally, it’s happening 🙂

My baby is kicking up a storm this week! It’s amazing. It’s a miracle. It feels freaking weird!

My obsession as of late has been coconut oil. To cook with, to moisturize with and to use in a desperate attempt to prevent stretch marks… although rumor has it its hereditary and I’m pretty much screwed. Gonna oil-away anyways and say a little prayer to the coconut gods (say one for me, will ya?!).

My day is ending with this blog post, which I’m writing on my brand new MacBook. Its always fun to a get a new toy and this is no exception, however I’ve always been a PC girl so this is a change – a big, great, confusing, frustrating change. Geo, please be patient with me while I learn how to navigate this whole new world… love you!

Have a lovely weekend! 

A Love Letter (Sort Of).

Dear Geo,

Before I say anything else, let me just list out a few of the reasons why I love you.

1. For finding and bringing home a dirty glass bottle because you knew I’d like it.
2. For going to Boston Market and knowing that their corn is my favorite.
3. For being open to a, let’s pack up our bags and move, adventure.
4. For agreeing to a pricey wedding band because I love them.
5. For loving ice cream as much as me.

These are just a few reasons why I’m so excited to marry you.

But something I don’t love and I’m not sure I’ll ever understand is this:

It’s a good thing you’re so cute.